Stratford Shows the World it has an Appetite For Words

Mary Berg, MasterChef Canada winner and author of Kitchen Party, will share insider tips for stress-free cooking at Appetite for Words in Stratford, Ontario. (Photo courtesy of Appetite For Words)

Stratford has done a good job over the years marrying tourism and the arts with Stratford Festival, North America’s largest classical repertory theatre company. But it has gone a step further with Appetite For Words, an innovative partnership between the Stratford Writers Festival and Stratford Chefs School that kicks off Friday. The festival focuses on authors who have written about food.

“Stratford is known for the arts and we’ve fused culinary and literary arts together in Appetite for Words,” said creative director Heidi Sander. “We’ve had visitors from across North America attend this festival.”

Andrew Coppolino, author of Farm To Table, will be joined by chef Eli Silverthorne and producer Erin McIntosh from McIntosh Farms to share stories and insights. (Photo courtesy of Appetite For Words)

One author who is taking part in the festivities is songwriter Dayna Manning, who will be showcasing her solo CD Morning Light and discussing her memoir. Manning has performed with Great Big Sea, Spirit of the West, and Radiohead.

“I’m so happy to have taken part in the Stratford Writers Festival since its inception,” said Manning. “It’s such a wonderful event to showcase writers of all types in our community and beyond.”

Last year, the festival welcomed Jackie Kai-Ellis, founder of Vancouver’s Beaucoup Bakery. Kai-Ellis spoke about her outstanding memoir The Measure of My Powers and shared her story of empowerment, self-discovery, and the importance of a life well-lived. While she spoke, the students of Stratford Chefs School created a delicious Lyonnaise Salad, Ricotta Gnocchi and a slow-cooked Salmon with Roasted Potatoes, Pickled Shallots and Aioli – dishes that are present in her book.

Enjoy a moving performance at Revival House with songwriting insights by Dayna Manning, Ben Bolt-Martin, Andrew Chung, Laura Chambers, and Derek Conrod. (Photo courtesy of Appetite For Words)

“It’s funny, I never really was into the idea of literary tourism until I wrote a book and then I realized that there is a whole world of tourism that is available to people. And obviously, I love it,” said Kai-Ellis. “What I realized after when I started to follow people on Instagram and other social media who are primarily focused on books and getting a lot of emails and letters is how books impact them. To get the chance to be able to actually meet the person who inspires you or has been inspired by you. I have read books that have changed the way that I see myself and the world, or it changed the way that I live my life. So to be able to meet the person that actually changed my perspective is a big thing.”

Authors taking part in Appetite For Words this year are Mary Berg, host of Kitchen Crush and author of Kitchen Party, Effortless Recipes for Every Occasion, Andrew Coppolino, author of Farm To Table. There will also be a Food Photography and Props Workshop with Terry Manzo October 27 at 2:00 pm.


Dates: October 25-27

Cost: Prices range from $65 to $75.


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