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Vacay.ca™ is the leading source of Canadian travel and the original publisher of the Top 50 Restaurants in Canada List™. Independently owned and produced by award-winning Canadian journalists and travel experts, Vacay.ca™ uses the wealth of its editorial experience, knowledge and industry contacts to deliver authoritative information about the best places to see, sleep and eat in Canada. Vacay.ca™ is a champion of the nation’s food industry and a vital source for culinary travellers. Along with the best dining experiences in the country, our online magazine also lets you in on the must-experience spots that belong on your Great Canadian Bucket List. More information on our team appears on our Newsroom page.

A comprehensive resource and growing online community, Vacay.ca™ is dedicated to celebrating Canadian destinations. In its short existence, Vacay.ca™ has been featured on CTV News Channel, CHCH-TV News, CBC TV, TSN Radio and other media outlets in Canada, the United States and beyond. We spotlight destinations, notable deals, exclusive news, industry leaders, and travel products.

Vacay.ca™ is already proving to be a major driver of increased interest in Canadian destinations, attractions, hotels and activities from inside the country and abroad. With a custom-publishing arm, strong search-engine-optimization knowledge, digital-savvy strategies, and superior editorial content, Vacay.ca™ has quickly become the leading resource for travel information about Canada.

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Our hearts are in it.

That’s what sets Vacay.ca™ apart. We practice advocacy. The destinations we feature are the destinations we believe you should venture to as you travel through Canada. We focus on locales and culture that provide an authentic sense of place as well as the finest in luxury and greatest in value for visitors to Canada and Canadians exploring their own country.

Adrian Brijbassi, Managing Partner
Adrian is the editor of Vacay.ca and VacayNetwork.com. He also edited Inspired Cooking, a nutrition-focused cookbook featuring 20 of Canada’s leading chefs and in support of the cancer-fighting charity, InspireHealth. Inspired Cooking was created in honour of Adrian’s late wife and Vacay.ca co-founder, Julia Pelish, who passed away of brain cancer in 2016. Adrian has won numerous awards for his travel writing, travel photography, and fiction, and has visited more than 55 countries. He is a former editor at the Toronto Star and New York Newsday, and was the social media and advocacy manager for Destination Canada. His articles have frequently appeared in the Huffington Post, Globe & Mail, and other major publications. He has appeared on national and local broadcasts, talking about travel, sports, creative writing and journalism. In 2019, he launched Trippzy, a travel-trivia app developed to educate consumers about destinations around the world. Contact Adrian at adrian@vacay.ca.

Petti Fong, Managing Partner
A widely published journalist and CBC News broadcaster, Petti’s work appears in The Economist, Vancouver Magazine and other major outlets. Petti is also a public speaker who has given talks about travel and connecting to communities. She teaches journalism and ethics at Langara College in Vancouver, and is a co-founder of Vacay.ca and VacayNetwork.com. Contact Petti (Peg) at peg@vacay.ca.

Rod Charles, Managing Partner
Rod is an entrepreneur with a passion for travel, adventure and good food. He’s worked for Canoe.ca as an online editor and has ghost-written blogs for several elite athletes. He’s also been integral to the success of online companies — including Thin Data, Canada’s leading email marketing company — and worked as the travel editor at AOL / Huffington Post Canada and his travel articles have been published in the Toronto Star. Rod has used his skills to help several non-profit organizations, including the White Ribbon Campaign, a charity that worked to end violence against women, and an anti-poverty initiative in Hamilton, Ontario. He has also been a proud volunteer with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Toronto for 10 years. Contact Rod at rod@vacay.ca.

ZED Financial Partners Inc., Advisors 

Led by Leon Raubenheimer and Barry O’Neill, ZED Financial Partners is a boutique Investment and Merchant Bank headquartered in Toronto, and specializing in raising debt and equity for mid-size Canadian companies. ZED has developed a tightly focused approach to raising capital called “Accessing Knowledgeable Capital” . Using its large proprietary database, which contains all the transactions which have been concluded by over 1,400 Private Equity Funds and over 300 Debt Providers, ZED is able to accurately pinpoint potential funders in North America and Europe who have specialist knowledge in a particular industry/sector. Therefore, take transactions to funders who understand the sector, the potential of a company and can add more to a transaction than just money (given their knowledge and expertise).


  • Our Rock n’ Roll Road Trips™ video series spotlights the world’s most active travellers — namely road-crazy musicians — discussing travel and how it influences their songs and lives.
  • Our annual 20 Best Places to Visit in Canada is a must-read resource of the best spots to see each year. These destinations include locales celebrating historic anniversaries and one-of-a-kind festivals, as well as little-known spots that you should visit before the crowds discover their secrets. Our carefully chosen list has not only received attention from media across the country, it has resulted in significant revenues for the destinations selected.
  • The Great Canadian Weekends series, launched in summer 2013, provides comprehensive, customized itineraries for seeing Canada’s finest destinations. Travellers looking to get the most out of their stay will want to follow these tips and ideas from Vacay.ca’s travel experts.


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