From Gaming to Galleries — Digital Culture for Canadians


In a more digital world, travellers have options to explore virtually and in reality. (PickPik photo)

In the digital age, people across the globe can enjoy a wealth of engaging and immersive activities from the comfort of home. The adventure of the Internet has made virtual experiences a reality. From streaming the latest shows to diving into immersive gaming worlds, there’s no shortage of things to do across the “information superhighway”.

While many experiences are globally accessible, Canadians also have their own array of online activities to get stuck into. If you’re looking for a cultural fix but can’t quite face up to the crowds of a brick-and-mortar museum or music concert, read on to find out the most enriching digital experiences you can enjoy in Canada today.


Gaming in Canada has exploded in recent years, ensuring that residents can enjoy a wide range of experiences from casual mobile games to intense competitive eSports tournaments. Online multiplayer games, like Fortnite, Call of Duty and League of Legends, have become part of the cultural fabric of Canada, thanks to their focus on social connection and competition. Meanwhile, games from Canadian gaming brands such as the Assassin’s Creed franchise (Ubisoft) are surging in popularity with gamers across the territory.

For a more unique gaming experience, adult gamers will be pleased to learn that real money online poker gaming has recently been given the greenlight in Ontario. Global platforms, including PokerStars, have recently launched sites specific for Canadian gamers, offering a wide range of poker variants and formats such as Omaha Poker as well as spin-and-go cash games. It’s even possible to participate in exclusive online tournaments.

netflix screen shot

Netflix remains one of the world’s most popular outlets for streaming. (Pexels.com photo)

More Canada-specific gaming content can be enjoyed at the Netflix platform, of all places! The entertainment giant has recently expanded into gaming and is beta testing a limited selection of titles in Canada and the UK. Currently, residents can play two titles: Oxenfree from Night School Studio and Molehew’s Mining Adventure, a gem-mining arcade game on PCs, mobiles and even on TV.

Virtual Museum Tours

Part of a trend that first appeared during 2020, more and more Canadian museums are leveraging digital technologies to bring their exhibits to a wider audience via extensive virtual tours. These remote experiences offer an enriching way to explore the country’s most compelling art, diverse cultures and storied history all from the comfort of home. Of course, nothing can ever take the place of engaging with arts and culture in person, but the following digital experiences are so immersive that they’re the next best thing.

  • Canadian Museum of History — offers a range of virtual exhibits that delve into Canada’s rich but often troubled history. By shedding a light on the country’s Indigenous cultures and contemporary society, these tours offer a comprehensive and sensitive deep dive into the nation’s past and present.
  • Royal Ontario Museum — with a focus on Canada’s natural history as well as world cultures, the Royal Ontario Museum has been enriching the lives of visitors for over a century. Therefore, it’s great to see it embracing modern technology by offering a wealth of digital content, such as interactive displays and detailed views of its most prized artifacts.
  • Art Gallery of Ontario — one of the most renowned galleries in North America made a substantial amount of exclusive digital footage available online in 2020. Plenty of its digital content, ranging from virtual exhibits to DIY videos, is still accessible from its YouTube page.

AR/VR in Destination Marketing

Taking things up a level from virtual museum tours, several destination marketing approaches that integrate AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) technologies have emerged in Canada. From transporting potential visitors to rugged areas of British Columbia to enabling them to wander the bustling streets of Granville Island, these cutting-edge technologies are revolutionizing how individuals experience and explore the country’s vast, diverse landscapes.

Tourism in Vancouver, for example, has been boosted by various VR-based initiatives that showcase the city’s vibrant urban life. These include 360-degree tours that immerse visitors into the heart of locations like Stanley Park, and even provide a taste of the panoramic views from the Vancouver Lookout.

Similarly, Destination BC launched a series of VR-based campaigns that highlighted the natural wonders of the province. Experiences like the Wild Within VR campaign allowed users to hike through majestic forests and encounter local wildlife, while the 2016 The Winter Within: Whistler Blackcomb 360 Ski Video replicated the resort’s famous ski runs.

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