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13 Days of Halloween, Day 9: Mission: Zombie Hunt

Beware of zombies! ©Julia Pelish Photography

Scream Park in Kitchener  – It’s Zombie Hunt time at Scream Park this weekend.

Kitchener’s Scream Park is letting their zombies loose in the southern Ontario city and it’s up to you to keep them from escaping.

Metro City is the last stand but in danger of falling to the zombie hordes. The zombies have pushed the humans to the Safe Zone. The Special Task Force has called upon you to join them in this near impossible mission to reclaim Metro City. Ammunition is in short supply and is being rationed. You have only 50 rounds, so make them count. Join this elite squad of the military’s best, defeat the zombies, and return Metro City to the humans.

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zombies, kitchener, ontario, halloween

Zombies and more zombies! ©Julia Pelish Photography

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