A Beautiful Barbie Dream Suite Come True


Barbie, Barbie Expo, Montreal, Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, Porter Airlines

Prince William & Kate Middleton are all dolled up at the Barbie display. Other celebrities include Carol Burnett, Debbie Harry, Elvis and Farrah Fawcett. (Photo by Cherie DeLory)

Some things never go out of style, like peanut butter and jelly, the little black dress, popcorn and movie night, bluejeans… and Barbie.

Everything seems to be coming up several shades of pink on the heels of last summer’s splash hit Barbie movie, the highest grossing film worldwide of 2023. Love her or leave her, Barbie is here to stay and pink is undoubtedly the new black. If you can’t get enough of all-things Barbie, fans of all generations can now leave the real world, and stream the Barbie movie inside Canada’s first Barbie Dream Suite.

The luxury hotelier, Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in Montreal, Quebec has teamed with the iconic fashion doll’s creator, Mattel, to design a posh 1200-square foot spacious pink pad fit for a, well, Barbie! It’s part of Fairmont’s Beyond Limits themed suite collection to allow guests an immersive experience into Barbie’s glamorous world. The Mattel and Fairmont partnership ends September 30, 2024, and celebrates Barbie’s 65th birthday and the hotel’s 66th anniversary coinciding in March.

Barbie, Barbie Expo, Montreal, Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, Porter Airlines

The Barbie Expo includes hundreds of Barbies done up in custom couture gowns by renowned designers and themed outfits. Some of the biggest names in fashion like Christian Dior, Donna Karen, Armani, Ralph Lauren andVera Wang participated in the Barbie Expo. (Photo by Cherie DeLory)

The adventure begins on the 17th floor. Look for the conspicuous pink door at the end of the corridor and prepare to think pink. An art installation on the wall adjacent the door shares a bold girl-power quote from Ruth Handler, creator of Barbie and co-founder of Mattel: “My whole philosophy of Barbie was that through the doll, girls could be anything they wanted. Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices.” Certainly, millions of boys or girls who played with Barbie, myself included, and the current generation of Barbie enthusiasts can relate to the sentiment in this message. Once the pink door to the Barbie Dream Suite swings open prepare for shades of pink and pearls of Barbie wisdom to be discovered at every turn. You won’t have to look far to notice the fun details that make this sensational suite feel like you’ve entered your childhood Barbie Dream House.

The living and dining room is where the magic happens and it feels as if time is standing still. The clock above the sofa is stopped at 3:09 to represent Barbie’s birthday, March 9th. Flip the light switch to get the party started. There’s a sparkling disco ball, an old-school vinyl record player to spin the Barbie movie soundtrack, and a vintage pink telephone to call in your bragging rights.

Barbie, Barbie Expo, Montreal, Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, Porter Airlines

According to the New York Post, Mattel says Barbie sales surged 14% after the blockbuster movie release. Barbie has been a muse to many artists over the past six decades, including Andy Warhol and Peter Max. (Photo by Cherie DeLory)

The dining-room windows open to the outdoor air and a fabulous view of the Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral/Cathedrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde across the street where you can’t help but notice the church’s majestic copper green dome. This is a pad Barbie and her friends would be tickled pink to hang out in. Heck, I want to live here, let alone spend a night for a special occasion. There’s a chic powder room and both bedrooms have an ensuite with a pink hair dryer and flat iron. Open the closet to find cute raspberry pink velvet hangers and safe box for your valuables.

Nods to Barbie abound; a gallery wall with photos of travel adventures in Montreal, doll displays and pretty coffee table books to brush up on Barbie trivia and history. The pink pallet doesn’t stop in the kitchenette with the appliances and a special dog dish should you bring your pooch along for the celebration.

Dream Suite Packages starting at $1,499 per night for up to four guests are available. (Photo by Cherie Delory)A perk that keeps on giving is access to the Gold Floor Lounge on the 21st floor, which means breakfast and all the cappuccinos and hot chocolates topped with whipped cream your heart desires up to 10 pm. A hearty selection of canapés are served from 5 to 7pm, followed by sweets at 8 pm. The pool is open until 10pm; adults only from 8 to 10 pm, and the gym is open all night.

Barbie, Barbie Expo, Montreal, Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, Porter Airlines

You better be a fan of the colour pink if you stay in this room. Even the phone is pink! (Photo by Cherie DeLory)

Choose from Dream Suite Packages starting at $1,499 per night for up to four guests; Barbie Spa, PJ Soiree, Sweets Shop, Barbie Tea and Cocktails and Mocktails. Enjoy pink pleasures both savoury and sweet while commiserating all-things Barbie nostalgia.

The VIP Dream Suite includes airport chauffeur service with a driver whose name could be Ken. Look for the white limo and “Ken” will be sporting a pink bow tie.


A mesmerizing collection with over 1,000 dolls, the Barbie Expo is the world’s largest permanent Barbie collection. It’s located inside Les Cours Mont-Royal shopping mall, only a few blocks and easy walking distance from the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth. Prepare to be dazzled by Barbie dolls representing many cultures, races and careers, with special collections featuring celebrities, fashion designers and royalty the likes of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, Prince William and Princess Catherine, and Lucille Ball. The catwalk and fashion show exhibit is a nod to Barbie’s first career as a teenage fashion model at the age of 19.

Entry to the Expo is free and donations are accepted to Make a Wish Foundation.

Porter AirlinesPorter flies to Montreal-Trudeau International Airport from both Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, located on the Toronto Islands, and Pearson International Airport located in Mississauga (approximate flight time 1.5 hours). A free Porter shuttle bus operates between the Billy Bishop Airport and the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, adjacent to Union Station.

Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Montreal Website: https://www.fairmont.com/queen-elizabeth-montreal/