How to Travel the Country as a Digital Nomad


The Queensway area in Toronto’s west end is one of the options for digital nomads, where the city’s many amenities are close by and so are nature outings around Humber Bay. ( photo)

Have you always wanted to travel more? Do you often feel that your vacation days are not enough? It has never been easier than today to build a life around travel without neglecting career goals. Remote work, technology, and globalization make it possible to build a location-independent career while travelling the world. People who combine work and travel like to call themselves digital nomads. They use technology to perform their job from various attractive locations. 

Do you like the idea of becoming a digital nomad? It can be a great idea to do a trial run in Canada first to assess the challenges of this lifestyle. So, how to travel the country as a digital nomad? Read on to find a few valuable tips.

How to Find Accommodation 

Finding suitable accommodation is the biggest challenge that digital nomads face. Staying in a hotel is fine for a couple of days, but it can get unpleasant fast. As a digital nomad, you’re not just a traveller but also a remote worker, so you need a comfortable, spacious, well-equipped space where you can sleep well, be productive, cook healthy meals, and relax. A furnished apartment is the best option for an extended trip that combines work and travel. You get more comfort and amenities at a more affordable rate. 

A great way to save money when booking extended trips is to be flexible about the location. Do you want to be a digital nomad in Toronto? Look for short term rentals Etobicoke. You will be minutes away from Pearson airport and close to Toronto’s hotspots but without breaking the bank. 

How to Move Around 

Some digital nomads only carry a small laptop and a carry-on bag because they don’t need a lot of tech to do their job. Others are forced to pack an entire workstation, including desktop monitors, tablets, speakers, microphones, and other expensive tech gear. It depends on the nature of the job and the person’s lifestyle. 

If you need to carry a lot of stuff, the most convenient option is to travel by car. With a car, you can pack as many things as you need, access remote areas and national parks, and enjoy maximum flexibility. However, if you can afford to travel light and plan to visit major urban areas, relying on public transport is a perfectly viable option. 

How to Stay Productive 

Travelling as a digital nomad can be a life-changing experience. However, your productivity will take a hit if you don’t take active steps to maintain a stable routine while away. Staying productive while travelling is challenging because there are so many distractions. Many digital nomads prefer to work from co-working spaces, coffee shops, or public libraries because it helps them maintain their productivity. 

To make digital nomadism work, you must be ready to work in any conditions, anywhere, or find access to a good workspace at each destination. 

Final Words 

It can take a lifetime to see everything that Canada has to offer. Becoming a digital nomad is a great way to gain the freedom to roam around the country and explore all the places on your bucket list.