Rolling Stones Recording Studio - Unzipped

In Kitchener, a ‘Backstage Pass’ to The Rolling Stones’ History

Rolling Stones Recording Studio - Unzipped

Among the highlights at the “UNZIPPED” exhibition is the full recording studio used by The Rolling Stones. (Jim Bamboulis photo for

Whether you’re a passionate fan or casual listener of The Rolling Stones, a new exhibit showcasing the band and their evolution and legacy will undoubtedly tickle your curiosity, engage your senses, and inspire you to buy tickets in a heartbeat when their tour brings them to your area.

Making its North American premiere in downtown Kitchener’s beautiful THEMUSEUM, “The Rolling Stones | UNZIPPED delivered by DHL” is 10,000 square feet of everything you know and think you know about what many consider to be the greatest band the world has ever seen. THEMUSEUM itself is a perfect venue for such an interactive and immersive sensory experience.

Considered to be a hub that honours and celebrates everything art and tech, it’s a cultural destination, with a reputation for hosting unique, interactive exhibits. “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit” and “Andy Warhol’s Factory” are exhibits that attracted tens of thousands a few years ago; UNZIPPED is next in line. It has already generated plenty of buzz for its countless artifacts, memorabilia, and multimedia features.

THEMUSEUM - Kitchener

THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener is hosting the “UNZIPPED” exhibition until February 27, 2022. (Jim Bamboulis photo for

A carefully curated series of displays and “backstage” experiences provides visitors with an understanding and appreciation of the impact the Stones have made to everything from music and culture to set design and fashion during the span of their 60-year journey.

Dubbed as the first international exhibition by and about The Rolling Stones, UNZIPPED is an incredibly accessible experience. Upon entry, you’re greeted with the outright reach of the band — where they’ve played, number of albums produced, images of their round-the-world tours, and the number of people in front of whom they’ve performed. Turn the corner and sitting front and centre is Charlie Watts’ pearl drum set, a poignant piece of art in its own right, especially considering the drummer’s passing in August. Throughout the space, the Stones’ personal collection of 300 original objects is displayed. The items include audio fragments, personal diaries, posters, and album covers that touch on and reflect the 30 studio albums, 33 live albums, 29 compilation albums, and 32 box sets the band has produced.

The exhibition doesn’t skimp on the details. An immersive, realistic reconstruction of the band’s Chelsea flat on Edith Grove in central London gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at their early years — and bachelor lifestyles. A replica of their recording studio offers a chance to step back in time, giving you the sense that you’re in the room, watching as they meticulously record classic after classic.

Charlie Watts Drums - THEMUSEUM

Charlie Watts’ drum set is among the items on display during The Rolling Stones’ “UNZIPPED” exhibition. (Jim Bamboulis photo for

UNZIPPED is a chance to marvel at the instruments used during captivating shows, insight into collaborations with artists such as Warhol, Alexander McQueen, Dior, Prada, and even Martin Scorsese. Visitors tap into the stories behind the birth of the Stones’ iconic logo, their costumes, and ongoing fashion statements, as well as the work involved in creating just the right poster and album cover. Not to mention, the passion, thought, and execution of some of the most elaborate stage designs in the history of live concerts, and the influence they had on so many bands that followed them.

For music lovers of all ages, UNZIPPED is a treat, and a truly authentic, raw, and uninhibited look into one of the most influential music acts in history. As visitors meander THEMUSEUM, they ultimately come away with a deeper understanding of why the Stones are such musical innovators. They evolved their art form, combining blues, pop, and rock ‘n roll in an evocative way that is sure to be eternal.


Location: THEMUSEUM, 10 King Street West, Kitchener, ON (see map below)
Dates: Until February 27, 2022
Website: For more information, please visit and
Tickets: Adult prices are $29.99 (Monday-Wednesday) and $37.99 (Thursday-Sunday). Family gift vouchers (for two adults and two kids) are at $103.95 (Monday-Wednesday) or $129.94 (Thursday-Sunday).Check THEMUSEUM’s website for full details — including COVID-19 regulations — as you plan your visit.