Weatherman promises and delivers


This must be the slowest week for any skiers and snowboards in B.C. who are stuck pushing pencils until the next time they can ski. The amount of snow piling up at all the resorts is amazing. Some resorts are looking at exceeding their annual average snowfall – already! Take a look at this week’s webcam roundup.

Whistler got dumped on

Over the last week, Whistler locals had to find places to shovel 154 cm of snow. That’s six feet! So far they have seen 23 feet of snow come down and we are still in January. With the swirling low-pressure systems over the water, they should see new snow every few hours.


Red Resort is all white

In the last 24 hours, Red Mountain on the Powder Highway has been drifted with 30 cm of fresh pow so skip the skinny skis and break out the fatties. And keep them out for the weekend. The snow will taper a bit but resume the dumping on Monday. Best part is, this is normal for Red. Find out more about the snow here.

Whitewater is all … white too!

Hey, there seems to be a trend going on. Every resort is getting hammered with snow. Whitewater near Nelson, saw 24 cm overnight and nearly a metre in the last seven days. All this will be awesome for the Kootenay Coldsmoke Powder Fest coming in February. Learn more about this Powder Highway destination here.


Fernie is in the thick of it

Count em up – 94 cm of snow has fallen on Fernie Alpine Resort in the last seven days and there is more on the way. So far Fernie has seen almost seven metres of snow fall. That’s only two metres off what they usually see all season. If you are thinking of visiting this Powder Highway resort in March, don’t forget to rummage through your closest, or better yet, head off to the second-hand stores and get that Retro Weekend wear ready.

Kicking Horse is serving up the champagne

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is thrilled to be hosting the Freeride World Tour Feb. 3 – 9, and all this new snow is like icing on the cake. Those international athletes will be thrilled with the conditions. And, if the sky keeps dropping the powder like this, Kicking Horse is going to kick those snowfall records into next week!

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