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A reverse table top pose with two people being executed at Wanderlust Tremblant. (Rod Charles/

Story by Rod Charles Deputy Editor

MONT-TREMBLANT, QUEBEC — The man on the bottom was bent backward facing up in a four-point yoga stance known as a reverse table top. The woman on top of him placed her hands on his knees and her feet on his shoulders. So far so good.

With the help of our smiling and enthusiastic instructor, the woman carefully lifted her feet into the air and stood on her hands. They executed this manoeuvre flawlessly and when it was over everyone clapped in appreciation. Job well done.

I just stared with expressionless bewilderment. This beginner class – yes, beginner class – seemed to have more intricate twists than a Cirque du Soleil performance. I was genuinely worried about being embarrassed in front of all these yoga superstars. The good news is I made it through the experience without a bruise. It was a strange feeling to be in the trenches with experienced yoga-meisters but that was also part of the fun and let’s face it – getting your hands dirty and trying new things usually is.

While it doesn’t hurt to have a basic grasp of yoga before venturing into an event like Wanderlust don’t be intimidated – nobody is going to point at you and laugh. In fact, everyone I ran into was keen to help this hapless yoga virgin through even the most basic poses.

Wanderlust Tremblant (August 24-27) kicks off today in Mont-Tremblant Quebec. Are you interested in learning about yoga, improving your health, eating good food, getting close to nature, learning from engaging speakers, enjoying live entertainment and being inspired by motivated people? If yes then Wanderlust, the largest producer of yoga and lifestyle events in the world, is definitely worth a try.

This festival will leave you in knots

Wanderlust Tremblant allows wellness enthusiasts, mindful adventurers and foodies to come together for a weekend of transformative yoga, educational activities, organic dining and live music in a mountaintop setting. There are dozens of classes to choose from including Ashtanga Yoga by Peg Mulqueen, a back country power hike with Katherine Calder-Becker and a morning run by the river with Arianne Raby. Visitors can also look forward to something new this year –  classes with world-renowned, powerhouse yoga instructor Elena Brower.

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Yoga class in front of the big stage at Wanderlust Tremblant. (Photo Courtesy Wanderlust Tremblant)

“Wanderlust has two multi-day festivals in Canada—one in Whistler, BC and the other, of course, in Tremblant. We also hosted one of our “mindful triathlons” in Calgary just two weeks ago. Tremblant was the first resort we visited after coming up with the idea for Wanderlust way back in 2008,” says Wanderlust Festival co-founder Sean Hoess. “We envisioned the event as a cross-cultural experience held at a best-in-class ski resort, and there are few places in North America that can check those boxes.  We’re delighted that we were able to realize that vision when we launched in Tremblant in 2013.”

Even if yoga isn’t your strength worry not as there are several activities you can dip your toe into. There are Adidas Volleyball Clinics with Brittany Hochevar and Katie Spielerand and a mood management with essential oils class featuring Derek Cook. There’s even a photography workshop with Nina Konjini and a foraging hike with guide Alexandra Martin, who will point out edible and medicinal plants. Discussions with experts include superfoods and longevity expert David Wolfe, as well as sexologist and relationship psychotherapist Dr. Carlen Costa. Anne Langlois, Anand Mehrotra and Dawn Mauricio will be leading a series of meditation classes and Elena Brower returns to Wanderlust Tremblant as a speaker for the first time in four years.

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With some (much) practice, you can do this too. (Photo Courtesy Wanderlust Tremblant)

Musical performances feature live shows with Bonobo’s sophisticated electronica, the funk and soul of Con Brio and the spoken word genius of IN-Q. On the topic of music the Wanderlust Listening Room, a brand new, one-of-a-kind aural experience of music will give visitors a chance to sink into the comfort and peace of low lighting, pillows, and cushions with a live musician in state of the art surround sound speakers.

“This year we have many new surprises. We have an entire venue dedicated to bodywork classes where attendees will learn techniques for self-massage to help with relieving pain, facilitating proper posture, and improving sleep,” says Hoess. “Our silent disco has been a huge draw at all of our 2017 festivals–three DJs will be spinning at the same time, and can only be heard through headphones, so you can switch up the soundtrack—as the mood strikes you—for one epic dance party.”


Dates: Aug. 24-27, 2017
Prices: 4-Day Ticket $445
3-Day Ticket $375
1-Day Ticket $90-$160


Destination Mon-Tremblant Website:
Telephone: 1-800-561-6673 (Canada & United States)
Mont-Tremblant International Airport: 1-819-275-9099
Porter Airlines: Direct flights from Toronto to Mont-Tremblant International Airport. Call Porter at 1-888-619-8622
Mont-Tremblant Casino: 1-819-429-4150 or 1-877-574-2177


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