Travel leaves DJ Rhiannon breathless


DJ Rhiannon was back home this month for a special event at Odyssey nightclub in downtown Vancouver. The DJ has learned plenty from her travels around the globe. (Adrian Brijbassi/

Story by Adrian Brijbassi Managing Editor

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — For Rhiannon Rozier, life away from her hometown has opened up the wonders of the world and its people.

Among the most intense experiences for her was the Burning Man festival, the counter-culture event that takes place in the Nevada desert each summer. She called the week-long experience — where there is no commercialization, no cellphone reception and no inhibitions — the “beginning of my awakening,” because of its physical and emotional challenges, and the rewards of pushing through personal boundaries.

“The vibration at Burning Man is really elevated,” says DJ Rhiannon, referring to the idea that “high vibrations” in individuals or collectives creates an atmosphere of positivity, love and spirituality. “It makes you think there is a higher potentiality for humanity. There’s no commodification of anything. There’s no tolerance of judgmental attitudes or of violence. I thought it was really interesting and beautiful to see how a community takes care of each other when they have to rely on each other, and you can’t just go and buy what you need. You need to communicate on a deeper level.”


DJ Rhiannon performs during an appearance in the Dominican Republic at the Breathless Resorts location in Punta Cana. The Canadian DJ says the resort is her favourite place to visit. (Photo courtesy of Breathless Resorts)

These days, DJ Rhiannon lives in Los Angeles, spinning at clubs and events around the world. She was in Vancouver earlier this month to help promote vacation opportunities at Breathless Resorts, which has five locations, including three in Mexico and one each in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. DJ Rhiannon is often featured on the Breathless program, and playing music for a resort crowd — which usually includes a diverse range of tastes — is both exciting and unique.

“Resorts are the most challenging to play because people’s tastes can have such a big range and you can’t please everyone,” she says. “At the same time, I find that if you want to have fun and dance, you’ll have fun wherever you are. It can sometimes come down to a person’s own attitude whether they’re enjoying themselves or not.”

She says satisfaction for her is easy when she’s in the Dominican Republic. The Breathless location in Punta Cana is Rhiannon’s favourite of the resorts she’s visited because of how “consistent the experience is and how wonderful the people are.”

“I’m there to play music and I could sleep in a janitor’s closet and be happy, but when I’m there, it’s the ultimate in luxury. They treat me so well and the resort itself is just so beautiful,” she says.

Among her favourite festival appearances was her date in Monterey, Mexico as the opening act for Chris Lake, the L.A.-based DJ from Scotland.

“There were four or five thousand screaming fans and the energy was like, ‘Whoa!’” Rhiannon recalls of the experience. “They were throwing all that energy my way and I took it and threw it right back at them. It was an incredible experience.”

Events on her must-see bucket list include Coachella and underground festivals, as well as a location close to home. Shambhala, the riveting and deeply conscientious annual EDM festival in the British Columbia interior, is an event that Rhiannon says she would be thrilled to attend as a fan or DJ.

She also is keen to explore more of Latin America, a region she has come to adore.

“I immersed myself in Mexico and learned Spanish. As I’m doing more and more business in Latin America, I find that it is really helping me to make friendships. I’m not just asking for directions, I’m able to converse fluently now,” she says. “That’s changed things so much. Having that language skill has been a beautiful part of travelling.”



Appearances: Upcoming Canadian shows include Peakes Quay in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (July 28), and Allure Nightclub in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (July 31).

Notable: The National Film Board of Canada shot a documentary about Rhiannon called “Rock The Box,” which is on the film festival circuit and will be released online in 2017.  



Breathless Resorts’ suites feature luxury accommodations, large beds, and beautiful views in warm-weather locations. (Photo courtesy of Breathless Resorts)


Locations: Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), Montego Bay (Jamaica), and Mexico resorts in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Cabo San Lucas.

Packages: Early-bird offers, destination wedding, and romance packages are available at some or all of the resorts. Visit the Breathless Resorts’ website for details.

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