Valentine’s Day gifts for globetrotters

Story by Michele Sponagle Writer

Forget chocolate and over-wrought mushy Valentine’s Day cards. What makes the heart of a traveller go pitter-patter are gifts designed to enhance the tripping lifestyle.

For budgets small and large, humbly offers these suggestions (prices subject to change):


Bagged lady: J Crew Drawstring Bags ($22.50)
You’d be rich if you had a dollar for every time she asked you: “Hun, where’s my…..?” Help keep her and all her stuff organized with these handy fabric pouches.

Spot on: Pottery Barn Cheetah Luggage Tag (Sale price $11.99)
For a gal that is more wild than mild, this leather, cheetah-patterned luggage tag shows the world her animal attraction. Class it up and order it monogrammed.

Pucker up: Burberry Kisses Lip Colour in Pomegranate Pink ($36)
When a gal whips out a tube of lipstick in public, say at a chic Vancouver cocktail lounge, she must have one that makes a statement. That’s why we love this beautifully elegant one from Burberry.

Weight control: The Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale ($35)
She’ll never get zinged again by the airlines with a penalty for exceeding the maximum baggage weight limit. This easy-to-pack, portable, lightweight design (3.3 ounces) luggage scale provides peace of mind before even leaving for the airport.  The Tarriss Travel Gear Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale comes with a lifetime guarantee so it is also a bargain.

Pillow talk: West Elm Faux Fur Neck Pillow (Sale price $19.99)
Even when she is on an overnight flight to Rome, she insists on being stylish, yet practical. She can cuddle up with this fuzzy friend on the way.

Lighten up: Icebreaker Tech Lite V Stripe Dress ($119.99)
Guaranteed, this will soon become her favourite go-to dress for any vacation year round, from beach cover-up to cocktail dress. Made from pure merino wool, it’s super-lightweight, doesn’t need ironing, packs down to nothing, and resists odours.

Well read: Kobo Aura H20 eReader ($179.99)
For readers on the fly, this eReader is an essential. Not only can it hold hundreds of books weighing in at 233 grams, it can withstand the rigours of any beach vacation. It’s sand-proof and waterproof. No need to cry over spilled margaritas.

Case study: Heys Britto Limited Edition Luggage – A New Day ($300)
Colour her world with this graffiti-inspired, 26-inch suitcase designed by Brazilian born, Miami-based artist Romero Britto. It’s lightweight and sturdy, courtesy of its polycarbonate composition. And you’ll never miss your unique bag arriving on the carousel, even in busy airports like O’Hare and Heathrow.


Blades of Glory: Victorinox Swiss Army Hiker XT ($70)
If he is like a boy scout and is always prepared, then he’ll appreciate this handy-dandy gadget, complete with corkscrew for impromptu picnics in Provence.

Black magic: Danier Avi Textured Leather Duffle  (Sale price $249)
He’d cart his stuff around in a grocery bag if he could, right? Give him a style boost with this rugged bag, perfect for romantic getaways to Quebec City and beyond.

Time shaver: Austin House Travel Electric Razor ($30)
No need to take up precious space in your toiletry bag with a bulky shaver. Try this one — no bigger than a deck of cards. It is rechargeable, using a regular USB cable. Just plug it into your computer, if you want to. Bzzzzzz.

Action pact: ProGearX Head strap ($19.95)
Footage shot with GoPro cameras have become YouTube sensations. Now, he can grab the spotlight for his videos shot using this adjustable head strap. It gives viewers a unique perspective of your adventure travels, from ziplining in Costa Rica to snowboarding in the Rockies.

Fits to a Tee: SensoGlove  ($89 USD)
Tired of him whining about his lousy golf score? This high-tech leather glove has a built-in computer to help perfect the correct grip — the key to hitting long drives on wide-open golf courses in places like Maui and Scotland. With audio and visual feedback, he’ll know what he’s doing wrong and right without you telling him.

Neat stuff: Heys Pack ID Packing Cube Set  ($49.97)
He’s not known for his neatness, so help him out with this five-piece set. The cubes come in small to large sizes, featuring easy zips, handles and stickers to identify the contents. Whether you’re dashing away to Vegas for the weekend or heading to Algonquin Park for a camping trip, savvy packers embrace the cube theory of packing.

Listen up: Soundmatters DASH7 Portable Sound Bar (Sale price $159 USD)
He loves his tech no matter where he travels. Whether he’s listening to music at the beach or catching a flick back at the hotel, this neatly compact sound bar elevates the audio experience on any mobile device.

Silent treatment: Bose Quiet Comfort 20i Noise Cancelling Headphones ($329.99)
Make the world go away — at least for a little while — with these in-ear headphones. They cancel out unwanted noise — crying babies on a flight or Mardi Gras party-goers — so you can sleep or just enjoy music and movies.

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