Why yoga and travel are so harmonious


Practicing yoga while travelling can be as thrilling as it is healthy, as columnist Alex Leikermoser demonstrates. (Yogagurl photo)

Alex Leikermoser is a Canadian yoga expert and entrepreneur who runs yogagurl. This is her first column for Follow her on Twitter at @yogagurldotcalm.

Column by Alex Leikermoser Wellness & Travel Columnist

Travel has long been part of my life. I took my first flight to Europe when I was only four years old and have crossed the Atlantic hundreds of times since. I have also travelled extensively in Canada and the United States. I was lucky my mom worked for an airline so I had many opportunities throughout my teens and early adult life to pick up and go. Then later as an entrepreneur my travel bug led me to Asia and far-off places as I sourced products for my eco-design studio and store, for which I designed interiors and ergonomic furniture.

I also embarked on many personal vision quests where I would select a destination and head there and use my curiosity and intuition to find my way while experiencing a new culture, language, food and customs.

Travel is a big part of who I am and my passion for it will never subside. For many years I designed a yoga wear line at yogagurl that led to the creation of a travel line for busy women. The best travel pieces, I found, are modular and work well together like a puzzle, and they allow you to mix and match. So be sure to pack a basic group of black or charcoal bottoms and tops you can build and accent with pops of colour and prints if you like. As well, I notice natural fabrics fold well and keep you cool and wick away moisture, and I personally love the feeling of silks, linen, soy, hemps, organic cottons and merino wool for comfort.

How Yoga Takes Stress Out of Travelling

Designing a yoga wear line was very stressful and that meant I had to put the practices I teach others into action when I took to the road. I always took my yoga mat with me on the airplane and practiced at the waiting area at the airport before flights. When I checked in people would say, “There’s the ‘yoga lady’.” (Little did they know my real moniker was “yogagurl” and I created a whole brand around it.)

Over the years I also noticed breathing techniques were very useful to de-stress and overcome insomnia while travelling. Those are activities I suggest you experiment on the road with as well. Ancient techniques of yoga, mediation and proper nutrition are excellent ways to make travel easier and less stressful.

One thing I’ve noticed in coaching my yogagurl clients is how they tend to fall off the bandwagon in terms of health when they travel. Eating out and the stresses of being away from home make it even more important to make better choices for your health while venturing abroad.

Travel for many of us is a passion. My experience shows that you never know where your passions will lead you. Now, I am excited to be writing this travel/yoga/wellness column and appearing on regularly to share my inspirations on how to make travel even more amazing by adding the “wellness” component to your trips.

It is my intention to bring you inspiration and guidance as you make this advice column a part of your excursions whether for work or pleasure. As 2015 gets underway, I hope you visit to learn how to make yoga and wellness a more integral part of your habits at home and while you’re on the go.

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Alex is an award winning serial entrepreneur & is celebrating 10 year anniversary of her brand Today she focuses her time as a lifestyle coach & consultant; author & speaker in the field of wellness and sustainability, devoted to inspiring others to create their life and business as an expression of their heart’s calling while finding optimum balance in day to day life. She can be reached for question or comments at

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