Spotlighting the brightness in Vancouver

Joash Krishna transforms a street scene on a rainy Vancouver day into this striking image. He isolated colour as the dominant element of the composition through post-production processing. (Joash Krishna photo)

Photo of the Week
By Joash Krishna 

Vancouver is one of the most colourful cities in Canada as it reflects the diverse culture and people. This image was taken in Gastown, which is one of the national historic site’s in British Columbia.

Gastown features buildings that were erected between 1886-1914 and several of those properties have been renovated to include fine-dining restaurants, arts and cultural centres, and boutique shops on and around Water Street. It is a neighbourhood not to be missed when you visit the west coast metropolis.

Among the popular attractions are Gastown Steam Clock, which was recently refitted and is even more accurate at keeping time. Every quarter hour, the clock lets off steam, attracting many passersby to stop and take a photo. There’s also a statue of John Deighton, a bar owner who was nicknamed Gassy Jack because he had a habit of talking too much and telling wild stories. Deighton opened the first saloon in the neighbourhood and residents named Gastown after him.

The statue of Gassy Jack is close to where this image was taken. Shooting on a rainy day, I chose to desaturate the photograph to show red as a contrast just to make a point that even on a dull, dreary day, Vancouver is exciting and full of life.

The photo was taken using a Canon 24-105mm lens with settings at: f/5.6, 1/125 seconds, and ISO 800.

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