Canada’s 10 creepiest Halloween places


The ghost of former bellman Sam McAuley is rumoured to haunt the Banff Springs Hotel, which celebrates its spooky history during Halloween. (Photo courtesy of Banff Springs Hotel)

Story by Michele Sponagle Writer

Sure, you might be the type that laughs at scary movies, but do you really think you’re brave enough to handle Canada’s most haunted destinations and most frightening events? From zombie infestations to haunted hotel rooms, this country is downright creepy as it rolls out a myriad of ghostly chills in time for Halloween, if you dare.

Winnipeg’s Most Haunted Hotel

You may have checked in alone, but it’s unlikely that you’ll spend the night that way in Room 202 of the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg. The historic property, built in 1913, is home to ghosts who like to hang out in front of guests. Visitors have reported a cloaked figure standing at the end of their beds, watching them sleep. And housekeeping staff have witnessed blood oozing down the walls.

Soldiering On at Fort Fright

In Ontario, Fort Henry is Kingston’s most popular tourist attraction. Visitors come for a closer look at the fort, completed in 1837, to keep out pesky American invaders. During October, the site takes on a sinister aura as Fort Fright, which crawls with demonic ghouls, including an axe-wielding guide, a creepy clown, and sinister scientists. Fort Fright runs until November 1.

“Spookloops” Takes Over Kamloops

In the weeks that lead up to October 31, Kamloops in British Columbia‘s interior becomes Spookloops, full of mysterious and terrifying experiences. At Tranquille Farm Fresh, tours of the historic property’s creepy underground tunnels promise to freak out those scared of the dark and what lurks in it. Meanwhile, a corn maze with 10-foot-high stalks make getting lost fun.

Haunted Attractions in Victoria

As the oldest city on the Pacific coast, Victoria lays claim to the title as “Canada’s most haunted” town. The British Columbia capital  provides evidence for that nickname with a packed event roster for Halloween. Snag a ticket to Atomic Vaudeville’s annual Halloween Cabaret (until November 1), an extravaganza of scary songs and dance numbers. And for the kiddies, there’s the Festival of Fear at Galey Farms, featuring a child-friendly haunted house that is open until October 31.

Ghost Hunting in Hamilton

Take part in a paranormal investigation with Ghost Walks Hamilton as investigators head to the Custom House, one of the city’s oldest and arguably most haunted buildings. Learn how to be a ghostbuster and use paranormal measurement tools and awake the spirits during a Victorian séance to cap off the evening in the Ontario city close to Toronto. This walk is available on October 30 only.


Along with avoiding zombies this Halloween, visitors to the Diefenbunker in Ottawa will learn about Igor Gouzenko, a Russian spy who defected to Canada during the Cold War and was often in disguise when in public. (Julia Pelish/

Catch Ottawa’s Zombie Invasion

If you’re a fan of “The Walking Dead” you’ll appreciate meeting the undead during a special ghoulish event, Incident at the Bunker: A Zombie Adventure. It’s being held every weekend until Halloween at the Diefenbunker, the once top-secret government underground facility built during the Cold War in 1959.

A Gore-Filled Night in Nova Scotia

Welcome to Gore, a terrifying Nova Scotia town known for its Nights of Gore, held at Courthouse Hill Farms. Scare yourself silly by navigating the giant, haunted corn maze by night and visiting the haunted house (open until November 1). Scaredy cats can come during the day. Fun fact: The farm is run by reality TV star and former “Big Brother Canada” contestant Emmett Blois.

A Ghostly Good Time in Banff

One of the most haunted places in Canada is the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. In fact, the hotel’s former bellman,  Sam McAuley, reputedly still walks the halls, even though he passed away in 1976. This year, guests can enjoy a family-friendly Halloween that includes a Heritage Ghost Tour of the Castle and learn about McAuley and the others who are rumoured to walk the halls. The Alberta landmark will also feature a spooky Halloween Hall at night that includes candy grabs. Scary movies will be played at the hotel’s on-site movie theatre.

Boo in Montreal

Old Montreal has so much history as one of the oldest settlements in Canada. It’s not too surprising that the area is rich with ghostly activity. Meet the undead during the Halloween Ghost Hunts (October 30 to November 1), where tales and tragedies unfold as you walk the hallowed streets.

Screampark in Kitchener

With pride, Bingemans, a theme park in Kitchener-Waterloo, boasts that more than 1,200 visitors have come to its annual Screampark (until November 2) and chickened out, forgoing an experience in one of its numerous haunted attractions. Visit The Morgue and its dripping corpses, the horrifying labyrinth of Hotel Kalifornia, or fight zombies at the Undead Target Range. Scream until it hurts!

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