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$275 to fall for New Brunswick

vicky vacay deal of the dayTravel Deal for September 19, 2013

Chalets Restigouche in Kedgwick, New Brunswick is offering a fall promotion starting at $275.

The Fall Getaway package comes via Tourism New Brunswick. This deal is for two, including two nights in a comfortable, fully equipped cottage — and just in time to see the beautiful colours of the season!

Chalets Restigouche is a family-owned business that’s been running since 2009. This opportunity is available until December 15, 2013.

Package includes:

  • Two nights accommodation
  • Breakfast every day and one supper to bring in your cottage
  • Access to bicycles
  • Fitness and walking trails
  • Free movies. Recommends a Great Restaurant in New Brunswick

We realize it’s a three-hour drive from Chalets Restigouche to the capital, but if you have the time consider making the trip for dinner at Saint John Ale House.

Ranking at No. 39 in the Top 50 Restaurants in Canada Guide for 2013, the Saint John Ale House features locally sourced pub fare that is the talk of the town. Hundreds of public votes were received for the ale house, which is run by executive chef Jesse Vergen, a passionate supporter of New Brunswick’s farmers. Deputy Editor Rod Charles spoke with Vergen, informing him of Saint John Ale House’s inclusion in the highly discussed Top 50.

Charles writes: “One thing Vergen and his staff noticed was how poorly lobster rolls were made in the province, even describing one establishment that used frozen lobster stuffed in a hot dog bun.

“’Our joke was to put a lobster roll on the menu, but we said we were going to do it in a different way — let’s make a really good lobster roll,’ said Vergen. ‘So our lobster roll consists of literally a lobster and a half worth of meat that we shuck out of a shell, literally 7.5 ounces worth of lobster meat. We toss it up, we give a lot of care to it, we have a homemade loaf of sourdough, and we slice it and fry it in lobster butter, and it comes out really beautiful. When the customer gets it, it’s like shock and awe, it’s a really different take on the lobster roll. And they love it.’”

You probably will too. Find out all you need to know about Vergen’s establishment by reading the rest of “Saint John Ale House Reaches the Top.”

To Book with Chalets Restigouche: Click here, or call 1-888-666-2022. They can also be emailed at

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