PEI’s unique Canada Day party

North Rustico shows its national pride every July 1, follower Norm Beaver discovered. He is this week’s Photo of the Week winner for this shot on PEI.

On July 1, Canadians in every community find eclectic and sometimes eccentric ways to celebrate Canada Day. Those celebrations tend to resonate with cultural  significance to each city, town, or village. So it is in North Rustico, one of Prince Edward Island‘s many fishing communities. Known for a lighthouse that dates to 1876 and the outstanding Pearl Cafe, North Rustico has an eternal connection with the sea. The historic village, which was established in 1790, also has one of the most unique Canada Day celebrations anywhere. follower Norm Beaver of Toronto took this photo that shows the lobster boats docked in North Rustico and decked out with Maple Leaf flags. A visitor to the town, Norm was able to participate in the fun day out on the waters surrounding PEI.

Norm writes: “Every July 1, fishermen invite hundreds of landlubbers onto their lobster boats for a ‘drive around’ North Rustico Harbour. Canada Day also signifies the end of lobster season on the island, an eight-week industry that lands more than 20 million pounds of lobster.”

He says the North Rustico festivities form “the island’s most popular party on Canada Day. Only tourists party in Charlottetown. Islanders party in North Rustico!”

For his outstanding photograph, Norm is this week’s Photo of the Week winner. He snags a travel prize from Magellan’s travel supply company.


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