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Go ‘deepelling’ for $70 in New Brunswick

Travel Deal for July 13-14, 2013 

vicky vacay deal of the dayIt’s called “deepelling” and it just might be a synonym for insane.

This adventure craze entails going face-first down the side of a mountain. In essence, rappelling while facing the base of the hill. No word if this sport was invented by a plastic surgeon desperate for business, but it is getting popular.

Besides the thrill, the attraction is the amazing views that capture your eyes with each leap down the rock face and the enjoyment you get if you’re accomplished enough to twirl in the air while leaping.

In New Brunswick, you can deepell to your heart’s content at Grand Falls Gorge, dropping down 135 feet while harnessed to a sturdy apparatus.

The opportunity with Open Sky Adventures costs $70 per person and includes three trips down. (We suspect a few customers may be okay with just the one time.) The price also includes equipment, helmets, water and training from a guide who has passed a Canadian Association of Deepelling course (who knew?).

Deepelling the gorge with Open Sky Adventures is available daily during the summer from 10 am to 6 pm. Recommends Good Times in New Brunswick

Once you’re done deepelling, you’ll likely want to celebrate. Do so among the new friends you’re sure to meet at the Saint John Ale House, a three-hour drive south from the Grand Falls Gorge. Ranking at No. 39 in the Top 50 Restaurants in Canada Guide for 2013, the Saint John Ale House features locally sourced pub fare that is the talk of the town. Hundreds of public votes were received for the ale house, which is run by executive chef Jesse Vergen, a passionate supporter of New Brunswick’s farmers. Deputy Editor Rod Charles spoke with Vergen, informing him of Saint John Ale House’s inclusion in the highly discussed Top 50.

Charles writes: “One thing Vergen and his staff noticed was how poorly lobster rolls were made in the province, even describing one establishment that used frozen lobster stuffed in a hot dog bun.

“’Our joke was to put a lobster roll on the menu, but we said we were going to do it in a different way — let’s make a really good lobster roll,’ said Vergen. ‘So our lobster roll consists of literally a lobster and a half worth of meat that we shuck out of a shell, literally 7.5 ounces worth of lobster meat. We toss it up, we give a lot of care to it, we have a homemade loaf of sourdough, and we slice it and fry it in lobster butter, and it comes out really beautiful. When the customer gets it, it’s like shock and awe, it’s a really different take on the lobster roll. And they love it.’”

You probably will too. Find out all you need to know about Vergen’s establishment by reading the rest of “Saint John Ale House Reaches the Top.”

To book your deepelling trip at Grand Falls Gorge: Contact Open Sky Adventures by telephone at 1-506-473-4803 or 1506-477-9799.

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