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$185 to a stay at the edge of Gros Morne

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Gros Morne National Park is known for its awe-inspiring scenery, languid sunsets, and heart-pounding hikes in one of Canada’s most captivating landscapes.

After you traipse through Gros Morne, you’re going to want to enjoy a great meal and a plush bed. Not to mention some of Newfoundland’s famed charm. You’ll find all of that at Neddies Harbour Inn, a beautiful boutique property with a number of just-so touches.

Neddies Harbour is in Norris Point, a community adjacent to Gros Morne, and alongside its namesake body of water. Neddies Harbour spills into the Gulf of St. Lawrence, a favourite swimming spot for whales and other sea life. team members enjoyed a visit to Neddies Harbour Inn recently that included dinner at the property’s Black Spruce restaurant. You will enjoy a range of dishes from locally sourced ingredients, including Arctic char, seafood chowder, and figgy duff, a pudding made with figs or raisins.

The Neddies Harbour Inn experience begins at $185 per night during the high season, which ends on September 15. Explores Gros Morne reader James Kessler contributed a terrific article and photographs about his experience in Gros Morne, which included a few funny moments.

Kessler writes: “I was happily slogging away, climbing and descending the muddy mountain and valley path, when, at about hour two of my hike, the trail ended abruptly at the bank of Wallace Brook. No bridge, no walkway. Just a sign informing hikers that one must ford. The river was running fast and high. I reached my hand into the water: icy cold. My options: 1) turn around and retrace my muddy steps for another two hours; 2) figure out a way to actually ford without killing myself in the process. Rather than crossing at the “official” point I searched out a narrower section, closer to where the river spilled into the Gulf of St. Lawrence. My chosen spot was a bit deeper, but I figured I would have a better shot of flinging myself at the other shore if I fell. So, hiking shoes and socks in hand, I took a deep breath and waded in.”

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To book a stay at the Neddies Harbour Inn: Visit the property’s website or telephone 1-877-458-2929 (toll free).

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