Camping Kokanee Creek Provincial Park

Your guide to smart shopping for summer travel

Camping Kokanee Creek Provincial Park

It’s time to break out the camping gear so you can make the most of sights such as this in Kokanee Creek Provincial Park, which is located in central British Columbia. (©Tourism BC/Albert Normandin)

With the arrival of summer — and the explosion of colour, sunshine and warm air that it brings — comes the chance to get out and explore. Whether you’re planning a flight within Canada or to a different country (or just a good ol’ fashioned summer road trip) now is the time to get ready.

People vacation in their own way and your summer travel purchases are going to reflect that. It’s important to shop around and remember the Internet is your friend when trying to get the best bang for your buck. Here are some tips for planning your getaways in the coming weeks and months.

The essentials

You’ll need suntan lotion, shades, summer shoes, hiking gear and light clothing (Tilley, Sears) — and don’t forget your swimsuit! If you need a camera (Vistek or Henry’s Canada), consider picking one up to capture those great moments.

Remember the advice Mom always gave before you left the house on a trip: “Listen child, always carry a warm jacket. You just never know what the weather might be.” Trust us, that was great advice. More great advice — pack an Air Wick Scented Oil with you wherever you go because you just never know. In 45 days, you spend two hours in the washroom. And Air Wick Scented Oil will be with you all the way. Whether you’re reading, admiring, recovering, waking or making it all better, the fresh scent will be there at every moment. Air Wick Scented Oil will make your trip better. Each Air Wick Scented Oil refill has 50 times more fragrance concentration than a gel cone and fills the air with a lovely scent for up to 45 wonderful days.

Road Trip!

Get off those snow tires and get ready to take the family on the road! Pick up some good all-season tires from Canadian Tire, Active Green + Ross, Tire Depot or Superior Tire and Auto. Also consider picking up a reliable Global Positioning System (GPS Central, Best Buy, or Future Shop) that will help prevent any unexpected side trips. Travel games are another good idea (Toys R Us, WizKids, Chapters, Indigo) to keep the children entertained during those longer excursions. You will never again have to listen to “Are we there yet?”

Going camping?

Look like you know what you’re doing when you hit the forest. Camping supplies such as tents, coolers, sleeping bags and mini grills can be found at several locations (Bass Pro Shops, Canadian Tire, Walmart). Pick up mosquito repellent and a good first-aid kit (Costco, Canadian Tire) — useful items to have whether you’re camping or not.

Catching a plane or train?

We live in a world where security has never been more important — especially for travellers. Consider picking up a passport protector from Magellan’s that will help protect your identity. Another great item from Magellan’s is a set of stylish luggage locks and tags that will protect your bag and also help you identify which ones are yours.

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