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$169 for Mother’s Day stay in Victoria

Travel Deal for May 10, 2013

vicky vacay deal of the dayOne of the finest accommodations in British Columbia is also a terrific getaway for Mom. For Mother’s Day, the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort & Spa’s Bed & Breakfast Package allows for a splendid getaway to the province’s capital city. A beautiful property on the waterfront of Victoria, the Delta Ocean Pointe features one of the city’s top-rated spas as well as excellent dining and accommodations.

The Bed & Breakfast Package starts at $169 per night, based on double occupancy, and includes a breakfast for two at LURE restaurant.

If you’re looking for a getaway gift for Mom, you could do much worse than sending her to Vancouver Island this weekend. Lets You In On BC Ferries Wildlife Watching

One of the added bonuses of taking a ferry ride in British Columbia is the chance to spot wildlife, including whales, while heading to your destination. In a recent article, Outdoors Columnist Tricia Edgar noted the numerous land and aquatic species you might see on the passenger ferries, which criss-cross between the islands separating the province’s mainland and Vancouver Island.

Edgar writes: “From shore or from the ferry, you might see a group of Pacific White-Sided dolphins carousing in the water near the boat, or you could see the slip of a fin as a harbour porpoise slides quickly away. If luck is with you, you could also see a larger whale such as an orca. Orcas are divided into two populations: the resident whales who feed on fish, and the transient whales that move across larger distances, feeding on marine mammals like seals. These black and white whales are best viewed from May to September along the southern Vancouver Island routes. If you’re in the northern Vancouver Island area, you may see the orcas from July to September. If you’re very lucky, you might be in for some water play, as orcas love to engage in breaching and fin-slapping actions.”

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To reserve a hotel deal at the Delta Ocean Pointe Resort & Spa: Call  the hotel at 250-360-2999 or visit the property’s website.

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