Fishers' Loft

Graceful views of Newfoundland’s coast

Fishers' Loft

This spectacular scene is what guests can enjoy when they stop in at the Fishers’ Loft, an immaculate property in Port Rexton, Newfoundland. (Julia Pelish/

Photo by Julia Pelish Visuals Editor

This could be one of the most beautiful porch views to be found in all of Newfoundland. John and Peggy Fisher have created the award-winning Fishers’ Loft Inn on this exquisite spot to share with guests who visit from all over the world. To sit here and smell the fresh air, listen to song birds while resting your eyes on Trinity Bay as it greets the horizon from beyond the rolling village is pure heaven any time of the day in spring, summer or fall. The movie version of “The Shipping News” was filmed on this property, which also features an well-regarded restaurant.

The Skerwink Trail, ranked as one of the best hiking trails in Newfoundland, can be accessed from the Fishers’ Loft Inn, which is in the Bonavista Peninsula, named one of the 20 Best Places to Travel in Canada in 2013. The historic village of Trinity is but a 10-minute car drive away.

I have a feeling there could be rival vistas waiting to be discovered all throughout the scenic villages tucked away along the jagged coastline. Newfoundland is full of friendliness, incredible food and stories; one surprising discovery after another. And is truly like no other place in the world.

This photo was shot on ISO 200 at 1/500 of a second, handheld with my Nikon D7000. I used an F8 setting because it is the sweet point on my lens, an 16-85mm Nikon DXVR. Photographed on a warm but cloudy day, the vibrant colours of the bay and surrounding hills flourished in the light.


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