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Get juiced in Bancroft for $562

Travel Deal for February 6, 2013

vicky vacay deal of the dayGrail Springs is offering a three-day/two-night “Juice Fasting Package” that will flush your system of toxins and leave you feeling great!

Located near Bancroft, Ontario, Grail Springs is nestled beside a vital spring-fed lake and sits on massive deposits of healing quartz crystal outside of the city known as the Mineral Capital of Canada. An award-winning wellness sanctuary and holistic spa, Grail Springs helps people “renew their committment to conscious living in body, mind & spirit.

Renowned for its dedication to self-development and life-transforming experiences, Grail Springs offers international speakers and inspirational events in beautiful accommodations.

Package includes:

  • Two nights accommodation
  • Austrian Moor room amenities
  • Himalayan bath salts (one per person)
  • Complimentary WiFi and guest computer available
  • 5:30 pm tour on arrival day
  • Juice fast plan
  • Grail detox elixir, master cleanse, herbal teas Enjoys Relaxing in Ontario Writer Katie Marti wrote an article called “Trans-Canada at 50: Ontario discovered,” where she had a chance to explore “Kenora, Lake of the Woods, to the west, irresistible Algonquin  Park to the east and a couple of Great Lakes in between, this entire leg of the Trans-Canada Highway is like a big, glorious natural wonder parade.

Marti:Now, no matter how you slice it, driving across Ontario will almost certainly involve spending a night somewhere along Lake Superior. And why not? It’s a stunning piece of Canadian geography that totally deserves it’s superlative name. Not surprisingly, then, I’ve explored a variety of camping options along this route. First, let me tout the KOA campgrounds I’ve had the pleasure to visit.

Read the rest of Katie Marti’s article on driving through Ontario

To book with Grail Springs: Click here, or call 1-877-553-5772.

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