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Win Blue Mountain Ridge Runner passes

Travel Deal for January 30, 2013

vicky vacay deal of the day

It’s a scream.

That’s the surest way to describe the Ridge Runner mountain roller-coaster that serpentines its way down Blue Mountain. Go fast, go slow. Take in the scenery, or let it ride so you can wail down the sturdy metal track at 42 kilometres (26 miles) per hour.

The Ridge Runner is the first mountain coaster in Ontario — and it’s open year-round. That means going down a hill in winter became even more fun. A single ride costs $15 per adult ($10 for guests of one of the Blue Mountain resort’s lodges). But for one follower and a friend, the opportunity to ride the Ridge Runner is absolutely free.

Canada’s favourite online travel magazine has one pair of Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster passes to give away to a contest winner. To win, simply email with a few words about your favourite winter experience anywhere in the world or share a travel photo with us or send out a tweet about our contest using the hashtag #VacayWin — or do all three! Remember, effort counts!

See previous winners’ submissions on our Reviews page and read our Contests page for more chances to win great prizes!

A winner will be chosen on February 6, 2013, and the tickets will be delivered promptly. The Ridge Runner passes are good for nearly a full year, expiring on January 23, 2014. You must be 12 years of age or older to ride the coaster. Conquers Blue Mountain Deputy Editor Rod Charles took on Blue Mountain in winter, discovering all that the third-most popular ski resort in Canada has to offer. Admittedly a non-believer in roller-coasters, Charles was won over by the Ridge Runner and the impressive sightseeing opportunities it offers.

Charles writes: “Okay, I’ll admit, I’m not a huge roller-coaster guy. For that matter, I’m not even a kiddie coaster guy. But I promise you’ll love the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster.

Now for all you seasoned adrenaline junkies who are used to rides like Apollo’s Chariot or Dragon Fire then yes, this ride probably won’t get your juices flowing. But if you’re just starting out on roller-coasters, have kids who would want to ride with you, or just want a nice ride that will give you a rush without ripping your intestines out, then Ridge Runner is for you.

One thing that makes this ride fun (at least for me) is the fact that you can control the speed. And the view is really incredible … all the way down.”

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