Pool at Hazelton Spa

Why a spa visit is like a vacation

Pool at Hazelton Spa

Along with revitalizing treatments, visitors can take a splash in the pool at the Hazelton Spa. (Julia Pelish/Vacay.ca)

Story by Julia Pelish
Vacay.ca Visuals Editor

TORONTO, ONTARIO — The wise traveller learns that a little pampering can go a long way. Even if you never getaway.


A spa client gets pampered at the Hazelton Spa. (Photo courtesy of Valmont)

I recently experienced the Vitality of the Glaciers facial treatment ritual at the Spa at the Hazelton Hotel. The spa atmosphere was private, cozy, discreet, soothing, tranquil. All the things you need to feel like you’re away from home — even if you’ve only walked 20 minutes.

First, I met with a Beauty Therapist who recommended the proper treatment. I changed into a plush robe and snuggled under the comfy blanket in a soothing room with dimned lighting and gentle music. My skin was cleansed and exfoliated with massaging movements and rich emollients scented with Bulgarian Rose extract.

The Hazelton uses Valmont cellular cosmetics, which were developed at the renowned Clinique Valmont, a facility built in 1905 in Switzerland at the foot of the Valais glaciers. All the Valmont products utilize mineral-rich water from these glaciers in their formulas. The skin-care line is also supported by extensive clinical research and has continued in its innovative use of botanical extracts for the past 25 years. Every step of the product development right up to its the precise application on the client’s skin is subject to testing.

Why Spa Treatments are Worth It

The star of the treatment I received was the “collagen mask,” also called a biological face lift. The 100% collagen mask is the same grade of collagen used to treat the skin of burn victims. Sheets of the cool-activated collagen were draped over my face (even my lips) and then left to slowly absorb into the skin.

It was during this facial that it dawned on me. For many people, arranging a trip only adds to the stress of daily life. Even if you’re a budget traveller, you will find “basic service, no-frills anything” winds up costing something. As the final tally adds up, we often end up scaling back on nonessentials in order to tough it out on our vacation. Add in the possibility of cancelled flights, the inevitable airport headaches, time-zone adjustments and lack of decent food, and you can be spent before you are even dropped off at your destination.

Therefore, planning to splurge on some indulgent comforts along the way can restore vitality and transform any kind of trip into a holiday. Or, as I discovered, make an outing at home seem like a spa vacation.

A half hour after the collagen mask was placed on my face, the spa therapist returned to remove it from my thirst-quenched face. More rose-scented nano-emollients high in RNA and DNA sealed in my skin’s new glow, leaving it replenished for weeks.

I realized that giving yourself permission to splurge on a spa treatment is a smart reward for all your fiscal discipline. Better than an upgrade to first-class accommodations on a flight and much more satisfying for the whole psyche.

More About the Spa at the Hazelton Hotel by Valmont

Location: 118 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, ON (see map below)
Contact: 416-963-6307
Treatments: The spa offers three different time formats to suit a variety of client’s schedules: Express (30 minutes) is $110; Complete (70 minutes) is $215; and Intensive (90 minutes) is $245.

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