Favourite travel photos of 2012

Cabot Links

The boardwalk in Inverness runs along the new Cabot Links Golf Course in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. (Julia Pelish/Vacay.ca)

Photos by Julia Pelish
Vacay.ca Visuals Editor

Canada is as beautiful as it is vast. That’s one thing I’ve discovered as I travelled through the country in 2012. As a transplanted American, I was struck by the abundance of scenery, much of it unknown even within Canada. Although most of us are aware that Canada is blessed with natural wonders, it’s only once you get out there and see some of them that you are floored by the splendour within this nation’s borders. Places like Inverness in Nova Scotia and Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan and Westport, a tiny town an hour outside of Kingston, Ontario, are exactly what travellers and photographers are looking for. They’re lightly touched destinations that seem laid out to be photographed. Canada is spoiled with such gems. Even more well-known Canadian locales, like immaculate Quebec City, remain largely a secret to people outside of the country.

In 2012, I visited 47 cities in seven provinces and came away with thousands of photographs. How do you whittle those down to just a few favourites? You don’t. The ones posted here are among my favourites and are mostly images that have not previously been published in Vacay.ca or anywhere else.

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I hope you enjoy the photos. Please do share your travel pics with us — we will publish them and even give you a prize if yours is chosen as a Photo of the Week winner.


A photographer who has worked in the largest media markets in Canada and the U.S., Julia’s travel photos and videos have been featured prominently in the Toronto Star and been exhibited in galleries in Toronto, New York and Vancouver. Her new line of photo jewelry was inspired by her travels. Even though she is an American, one of her favourite travel experiences was spending Canada Day 2000 on Parliament Hill, joining in a parade with then-Prime Minister Jean Chretien and others. Julia is Vacay.ca’s Visuals Editor. See her work at www.juliapelish.com/blog.

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