Cape Spear Newfoundland

Cape Spear sure does captivate

Cape Spear Newfoundland

As fog sweeps across Cape Spear in Newfoundland, you just might find your heart being swept away by the sight of this big rock, its quaint lighthouse and the ocean that from here doesn’t end til Europe. (Julia Pelish/

North America begins and ends at Cape Spear.

The attraction that’s been deemed a National Historic Site of Canada is the easternmost point among regions in Canada and the United States. The next stop is Greenland. But you can’t imagine anyone being in a hurry to leave Cape Spear. The views are overwhelming. Whether it’s the sight of fog rolling in over top of the rocky cliffs or boats streaming out of the St. John’s Harbour to get a clear look of the sun setting into the Altantic Ocean, Cape Spear will keep you holding your breath. There are activities to partake in, too. You can read up on the history of the outpost, which includes a lighthouse that dates to 1836 and a key role in conflict after conflict. During World War II, Cape Spear served as an essential lookout for the Allied forces. A part of the East Coast Trail, Cape Spear offers visitors hiking routes around the peninsula and photographic opportunities galore.

This photograph was taken near sunset in September from a vantage point looking out past the historic Newfoundland landmark and into the waters that surround St. John’s and its satellite towns. Cape Spear, which is a 20-minute drive outside of the city, is one of those wonders that renews your appreciation for Canada and its preposterous amount of beauty.


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