Carters Beach Nova Scotia

Carter’s Beach by Gustavo Espinola wins

Carters Beach Nova Scotia

The white sands of Carter’s Beach in Nova Scotia make it a Canadian beauty. This prize-winning photograph was taken by Gustavo Espinola, a reader and Twitter follower.

No, that’s not a Caribbean island you’re look at.

It’s Carter’s Beach in Canada. In the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Carter’s Beach is outside the town of Liverpool and in the community of Port Mouton in Queens County. A two-hour drive from Halifax and few minutes from Kejimkujik National Park, Carter’s Beach has been described as one of the most beautiful beaches in Canada because of its white sand and turquoise waters that is reminiscent of the scenery that can be found in so many Caribbean islands. The beach on the Atlantic Ocean is topographically unique, featuring three crescent areas that make it three beaches in one.

Gustavo Espinola, an Argentine-Canadian living in Nova Scotia, recently took the photograph of Carter’s Beach you see above and wins the Photo of the Week contest, which includes a travel prize. Gustavo describes Carter’s Beach as “very secluded and quiet” and says it “is definitely a must-see place when in Nova Scotia.”

You can view more of Gustavo’s photography on his website.

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