raven haida gwaii bc

Photo of the Week — Congratulations, Jason Douglas!

raven haida gwaii bc

Vacay.ca reader Jason Douglas took this beautiful shot of a raven flying high above in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. Jason wins a travel prize for having his picture chosen as the Photo of the Week!


Jason Douglas of Kelowna, British Columbia wrote to us at Vacay.ca about his love of Haida Gwaii and of photographing in that pristine wilderness spot off the coast of Vancouver Island. “I do all my photography in the land of Haida Gwaii, mostly in Massett and Old Massett,” Jason wrote after seeing our eagle image published last month.

Jason’s beautiful photograph of a raven silhouetted against the open sky was taken in Massett on one of his many trips to that intriguing city full of artisans. It is our latest Photo of the Week! Jason will win a travel prize for having his shot selected as a winner.

The Haida are one of Canada’s First Nations and their homeland is called Haida Gwaii, Islands of the People. It was formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands.

The Raven is a principal figure in Haida legends and spirituality, and is often woven into the rich Haida art and stories.

It seems Jason and Vacay.ca have an affinity of Haida Gwaii in common. In January, we named it one of the 12 Places to Travel in Canada in 2012. This photograph is further proof of why.

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