Fort York, Toronto, travel, halloween

13 Days of Halloween, No. 4: Frightening Fort York

Fort York, Toronto, travel, halloween

Soldier at Fort York, Toronto. ©Doug Lavender

Fort York in TorontoFirst built in 1793, this is the birthplace of urban Toronto. It was also the gravesite of hundreds of soldiers who died throughout the years when it served as the city’s primary harbour defence.

More than 150 British soliders and American soldiers were killed here when Fort York, then known as the headquarters of British commander Sir Isaac Brock burned to the ground on April 27, 1813.

It was the bloody climax of what was already the bloody War of 1812.

Until the 1930s, this was the home of the military garrison and it is often called one of the most haunted place in Toronto.

Visitors report hearing battle cries, cannons being fired and gunshots as well as the apparitions of soldiers throughout the years. Ghostly sighting includes the vision of a woman in white near what was then the soldiers’ quarters and a red-coated guard marching around and around, nowhere to go except to haunt your nightmares.

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