13 Days of Halloween, No. 1: Haunted Regina

We’re counting down all the fun, ghoulish and frightfully good times you can enjoy while travelling around Canada between now and the witching hour on October 31. Here’s the first installment of Vacay’ca’s “13 Days of Halloween” series.

Ghostly Government House in Regina: Creaky footsteps, items moved from one spot to another and eerie music playing from what used to be a nursery. Government House in Regina, the official residence of the lieutenant-governor of the province until 1945, was built in 1891. The 120-year-old Edwardian mansion is open to the public and also to apparitions apparently. The stories of footsteps in empty hallways and lights turning on and off have been told about the mansion for decades. The resident ghost even has a name: Howie, a former cook who served during the time of Lieutenant-Governor Archibald McNab. Exactly why Howie still haunts Government House and moves objects when he doesn’t like where they are placed is, of course, a mystery.



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