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13 Days of Halloween, Day 6: Haunted Cave in B.C.

Horne Lake Caves in British Columbia – Ancient fossils and marble passages and crystal caverns are carved into the dark underground of Horne Lake Caves in Qualicum Beach.

Haunted houses may be the norm for Halloween but here in the oceanside of the west coast, a haunted cave adds an extra component of fright and terror.

In caves, no one above can hear you scream.

While staff at Horne Lake spend 11 months of the year convincing visitors that caves aren’t scary places, the mood changes in October. All those Halloween myths of spooky caves are reinforced and highlighted. A 90-minute tour through the pitch black caves is aimed at scaring the daylights outta you with special stops at places where strange things have been known to happen. Who’s not afraid dark caves? Bats and ghosts.

Every weekend in October, Horne Lake is holding contests like Cave-O-Lantern carvings and ghost story cave tours. Bring a carved pumpkin and entrance is free.

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