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Best Food and Service in Calgary!

Feb 24, 2014 by Justine Florence

Attention men: your lady will be treated like a princess at Q Haute! Friendly atmosphere but high end service like no other in Calgary. A true food experience complete with education about your food, art on a plate, food science technologies infused into the fare. Excellent food and service and extremely attentive wait staff to make sure your night is memorable!
Thank you Q Haute!

New move for Treadwell

Aug 23, 2013 by Scott R.

Since their move to Niagara on the lake in July Treadwell Farm to table restaurant has been doing some great things! You are really getting the full experience there; great atmosphere in the new open kitchen, very knowledgeable servers, passionate cooks who take time to talk to you, very hands on owners who talk to most of the guests, an extensive wine list will blow your mind, and of course phenomenal food that is one of the best things going on in Niagara on the lake. It really is something special!!!

Response: Hi Scott,
Thanks for the great tip. Treadwell Farm to Table ranked 95th on the 2013 Vacay.ca list of the Top Restaurants in Canada. We will be sure to have our judges check it out to see how much it reaches for 2014!


Aug 21, 2013 by mohamed al-zoharry

i want 2 visit canada soon as it possibel

Edmonton Escape at Matrix Hotel

Jun 15, 2013 by Jane Fonger

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I took a trip to Edmonton for a romantic weekend. We stayed at the Matrix hotel. The hotel is downtown and near many restaurants and places to walk and enjoy the city. Each night (except Sunday) the hotel offers a wine-and-cheese tasting, which is delightful. We discovered two other couples having a weekend getaway there as well. The morning breakfast is by far the best complimentary breakfast I have ever had. Free range egg meals in addition to their homemade yogurt, fruit kebabs and pastries. Attached to the hotel is the Wildflower restaurant. If you are a foodie you must go there. The service is excellent and matches the food quality.

For a weekend getaway, I felt I was on a real vacation without having to go very far to do it!

Response: Great tips, Jane! We will be sure to have one of our travel experts check out the Matrix in Edmonton!


Great way to celebrate a birthday with friends

Apr 14, 2013 by F. Stephan

My wonderful friends took me out to Ruby Watchco for my 60th birthday and it was a blast. Although it seemed like we were the oldest people in the place it made us feel like we were 30 again. The food was amazing. The crispy prosciutto and arugula salad was fresh and delicious. I am not a fan of salad but this one made my taste buds sing with the taste of the grapefruit, herbed goat cheese almonds and just the right amount of lemon herb vinaigrette. The trout with black pepper sauce was melt in your mouth and the fingerling potatoes with smoked salmon was a taste I never would have put together but worked beautifully. We ordered sweetbreads, which I had never had before and as our knowledgeable and adorable waiter Anthony said, “If you are going to try them, you should try them here.” They were delicious. Everything is served family style so you could have as much or as little as you like. Finally, the chocolate bread pudding with the coffee butter was a delicious way to end the evening. The waiters are wonderful and Lynn Crawford was happily helping in the front of the house and came to talk to us and even took a picture with me when she heard it was my birthday. One caveat, I would check the website to see the weekly menus to make sure that you like what was available that evening because there are no choices.

Response: Hi,
Thanks for letting us into your wonderful birthday celebration. We wish you many more wonderful years. Ruby Watchco has a lot of devoted fans because of its service and down-to-earth warmth.


Muse of Spur of the Moment

Apr 03, 2013 by MG Kelly

Our 36th anniversary and we decided at the last minute to celebrate at Muse Restaurant and Lounge in Calgary. We had the 5-course chef\’s menu with two specific requests, both incorporated beautifully. Each course was a wonderful mix of tastes, textures and visual presentation. Steven, an owner and our maître d\’ for the evening, walked us through the details of each course and very kindly offered us an after-dinner drink in celebration of our anniversary – 36 is pretty impressive – but we reluctantly declined. We\’d had more than enough wine for the evening. As well as the food, we loved the unique design of Muse. Definitely on our list of restaurants worthy of a return visit.

Response: Hi MG — We wish you many, many more happy years together. So great of you to fill us in on your special night and how Muse made it all possible. Thank you!


Q Haute Calgary when only the best will do

Apr 03, 2013 by Steve Hunt

For the special evening when being the very best food beautifully prepared with the best service and wines is paramount.
We have never had anything but the best experiance every time.
Q Haute Calgary compares with the best we have experianced anywhere in the world.
Our favorite is the sampler menue with wine pairings.

Response: You\’re tempting us to make a reservation, Steve! Thank you very much for letting us know your take on Q Haute Cuisine.


Best restaurant around !

Mar 31, 2013 by Glenn Jones

We have the shop across the way – Nesting Habits. We find it quite convenient having the mono Cliffs Inn close by. Foods is always great, Shrimp linguine and Curried/Butter Chicken are always my dishes of choose. In the summer the patio is always the place to be. When customers come into the shop, i always ask how their meal was…… never heard a complaint !!

Response: Hi Glenn, It\’s always great to have fabulous neighbours! Thanks for letting the world know about how amazing the food is at the Mono Cliffs Inn.


Mono Cliffs Inn, Mono Centre

Mar 31, 2013 by Phylis Di Leonardi

Mono Cliffs Inn is one of the best restaurants in Canada. My family has been dining at Mono Cliffs since 2001. The first time we went there Carol asked my then 8-year-old son if he would like the chef to make him a special hamburger he replied he would have the lamb chops and it was love at first bite ever since! The food is outstanding and local fresh produce promoted. The ambience is friendly and relaxed, and Carol and Wayne always make a point of dropping by the table to say hello. The service is prompt and the wait staff cheerful and friendly. I would highly recommend this restaurant…a real gem nestled in a beautiful and tranquil setting.
Phylis Di Leonardi aka Miss Phylis

Response: Hi Miss Phylis, What a terrific review of a wonderful little place outside of the big city. Thank you for sharing your experiences about the Mono Cliffs Inn!


The Great Canadian BBQ Joint

Mar 29, 2013 by lisa smith

The Great Canadian BBQ Joint- now this is refreshing to see at that location, at hurontario/dundas there is a lot of enthic places to eat but the is new and a must try.

Response: Hi Lisa,
Thanks for telling us about the restaurant. Our team will be sure to check it out when we\’re in the area!


Vacay.ca 416-995-1400 Simcoe Street Toronto ON, M5H 4C9 Canada 4.8 5.0 53 53 Attention men: your lady will be treated like a princess at Q Haute! Friendly atmosphere but high end service like no other in Calgary. A true food experience complete with educati