Siberian husky, dog-sledding, quebec, winter

VIDEO: Discovering dog-sledding — the hard way

Story by Adrian Brijbassi Managing Editor

QUEBEC CITY — Daniel Therrien says, “You have to try everything once.” Therrien is a trainer for sled dogs at the Quebec Winter Carnival and he was showing’s Adrian Brijbassi the ropes just before sending him on his way around a snowy kilometre-long track with a pack of six beautiful Siberian Huskies. The ropes, though, were a little too much for our editor to handle. After making it smoothly around the first turn, Brijbassi hit the brakes a little too early and the dogs slowed down fast, ending up in a tangle. Therrien and his team had to undo the ropes and then help Brijbassi back on his way. But at the second-to-last bend, the sled veered a little too sharply and collapsed over, spilling out camerawoman Julia Pelish and causing the dogs to look back in confusion. You’ll see that moment in the video above.

Needless to say, will not be entering the Iditarod anytime soon.

Siberian husky, dog-sledding, quebec, winter

This beautiful Siberian Husky was one of the sled dogs on the Plains of Abraham. (Julia Pelish/



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