PHOTOS: Hotel de Glace sparkles



The Ice Bar at the Hotel de Glace features cocktails and, as you might’ve guessed, some warm drinks — which you better drink fast. (Julia Pelish/

QUEBEC CITY — It took construction workers and artists six weeks to build this year’s edition of the Hotel de Glace, a 36-room lodging located a 15-minute drive from old Quebec City. More than 15,000 tonnes of snow and 5,000 tonnes of ice were used in the construction of the magnificent attraction that will be open until March 25. After that date, the gorgeous ice hotel melts away. If you won’t have the opportunity to see it this year, here are some photographs that will give you an inside view of this monument’s beauty and allure.


Hotel de Glace guests sleep in sleeping bags that can withstand temperatures as low as minus-30 Celsius degrees. (Julia Pelish/



Cocktails are a hot item at the Ice Bar at the Hotel de Glace. (Julia Pelish/


It takes six weeks to build the Hotel de Glace, which is open until March 25, 2012. (Julia Pelish/


Carvings from First Nations artists decorate Quebec’s famous ice hotel. (Julia Pelish/


More than 5,000 tonnes of ice were used in construction of the Hotel de Glace. (Julia Pelish/


Guests put off going to bed in the ice hotel by hanging out at its spectacular bar. (Julia Pelish/


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